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Plastic Needle Double Bleed Pack Y


Part Description

A double 850mL Medical Grade PVC bleeding packs which are connected by a Y piece. A 1 metre donor line, which is connected to the Y piece, has a 70mm blood letting needle with cover attached.  Each bleeding pack has a 400mm PVC tube. Both 400mm PVC tubes are welded at the distal ends and both have blue clamp on them. The product has batch number stamped on the top shoulder of each bag. 20 products are unit packed into a polybag. Product is supplied non-sterile.

Intended Use


Storage Conditions

The product should be stored in a clean dry area, should not be stored directly Temperature range generally store between 5 – 25°C however if the cartons are exposed to temperatures outside this range for short periods of time it will not be detrimental to the product.


For use in:

  • For use in Human contexts
  • For use in Animal contexts
  • For use in Industrial contexts

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