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850mL Pack With Plastic Needle


Part Description

An 850mL Medical Grade PVC bleeding pack with a 400mm PVC tube and a 1 metre donor line. The donor line has a plastic needle with cover attached. The 400mm PVC tube is welded at the distal end. The product has a batch number stamped on the top shoulder of bag. 30 products are unit packed into a polybag. Product is supplied non-sterile.

Intended Use


Storage Conditions

The product should be stored in a clean dry area, should not be stored directly Temperature range generally store between 5 – 25°C however if the cartons are exposed to temperatures outside this range for short periods of time it will not be detrimental to the product.


For use in:

  • For use in Human contexts
  • For use in Animal contexts
  • For use in Industrial contexts

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