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4 Litre PVC Blood Pack


Part Description

This is a 4 litre EVA pack with two ports; off one port is a 400mm tubing inlet line terminating in a capped male luer rotating cuff fitting; the second port is a twist-off spike port. There are two types of clamps (Non-Return Slide Clamp-blue and Six Tooth Click Clamp-white) slid onto the 400mm tubing. The production batch number is stamped on the top shoulder of the EVA bag. The product is supplied sterile in an individual polybag.  

Intended Use


Storage Conditions

The product should be stored in a clean dry area, should not be stored directly Temperature range generally store between 5 – 25°C however if the cartons are exposed to temperatures outside this range for short periods of time it will not be detrimental to the product.


For use in:

  • For use in Human contexts
  • For use in Animal contexts
  • For use in Industrial contexts

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